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Canadian Cowgirl – past, present, and the future of who we are, what we do, and where we are going.

In creating this platform for all things Canadian that encompass and make up the “Canadian Cowgirl”, has been an inspirational experience. The stories and the history of our strong, passionate and enduring women in Canada, sparked a light in sharing here some great journey’s of amazing women. The process and striving to bring this to you, is now more relevant than ever, to share their stories, to create this central location of valuable sourced information. Part of our goal is to bring you historical stories, videos, photographs and literature.

We will be showcasing current headlining news, stories, arts, and entertainment and so much more. Inspiring Canadian women will connect here, with the hopes to bring everyone together. Getting to see and hear everything “Cowgirl” from coast to coast of our beautiful country will be a journey.

Author and Creator of Cowgirl Channel of Canada, Lorie Duff

Definition of cowgirl

nounSave Word


1: a girl or woman who tends cattle or horses

2: a girl or woman who is a rodeo performer

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